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Our History


The Birch Funeral Home was founded by our grandfather, J.F. Kiblinger, in 1892. He was a believer in being sensible and thrifty.

Funerals do not have to cost outrageous prices. We offer complete funeral services, as well as other services with sensible prices. We can also arrange for cremation services. We try to help people, not bankrupt them. We also have payment terms available.

Birch Funeral Home

204 E. Main

Ash Grove, Mo. 65604

P.O. Box 114







         Jimmy Birch


Please contact the funeral home to discuss your needs.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

* All services quoted are local charges within 30 miles of the funeral home.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Complete itemization available at the funeral home.

Any quoted prices do not include sales tax unless stated, Saturday or Sunday services, cemetery jackhammer or other fees, oversize merchandise, obituary in newspaper or death certificate.

Prices expire 8/1/2023 unless renewed.

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